Ingenious JASUPI bathroom won the 2020 cotton China Design Award
  • Date:2021-04-28
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     A few days ago, the official news of the China Design Award of the red cotton (hereinafter referred to as the red cotton Award) came that the red cotton award? The 2020 product design award has completed the preliminary evaluation of the competition, and the Creative Royal bathroom series won the cotton award? 2020 product design award, and entered the final evaluation link, won the qualification of competing for the cotton award · 2020 product design supreme award.

     Red cotton award is jointly sponsored by China Industrial Design Association and Guangzhou international design week. It is the only annual international design event in China that has won the joint certification of three international authoritative design organizations and has been promoted all over the world. It is the highest platform for product display and innovative design, and one of the most influential product design awards in China.

     It is the industry's recognition of our original brand that we participate in the selection of cotton Award for the first time and win the product design award. The quality of the bathroom is respected by the designer. Adhering to the original intention, committed to original design, professional R & D team bold innovation, dedicated to research and development, following strict standards, through cooperation with top designers at home and abroad, breaking through many technical difficulties, truly breaking the shackles of industry homogenization, advocating the use of technology to solve the pain points of the bathroom industry, so that the customer experience can be implemented.

     At present, jasupi sanitary ware has more than 80 product patents. It is proficient in heart, practice, speak with strength, and consolidate the road of "craftsman's mind, Royal product world".

     In 2020, the "red cotton Award" will further focus on "improving the living quality of human settlements" and take "design driven industrial upgrading" as its goal and mission..

     The vision of jasupi sanitary ware is to build a solution for future water products and comprehensively enhance the aesthetic quality of life.

     The award-winning "chuangxiang series" has unique multi shape design, which breaks the traditional pattern of leading thousands of times in the past. It has avant-garde and eye-catching modeling, distinctive personality, and refuses to follow the popular trend and blindly follow the trend, making the visual effect more dynamic. The lines are flexible and full of vitality, which makes the visual segmentation ratio of the whole dragon head just right, and embodies the charm of original design everywhere.

     The whole product has smooth lines, which combines innovation, independence, personality, perception and aesthetic technology, and surprises at once, and then looks in love. Waterfall outlet, water intake is better. Bring the storage desk to facilitate the collection of small items. Industrial style gun gray, fashionable and avant-garde chrome color, whether it is light luxury wind, Nordic wind, new Chinese style, simple wind... Can be easily controlled.

     Jasupi sanitary ware, the industry first created a full category aesthetic customization mode, all categories can be DIY aesthetic customization mode, customized everyone unique, comfortable and pleasant bath space. In the future, we will continue to insist on originality and let consumers enjoy the life quality brought by aestheticism.

Outstanding and outstanding, unlock the hot bathroom trend color!


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